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nev•er /ˈnɛvɚ/USA pronunciation  adv. 
  1. not ever;
    at no time;
    not at any time:It never happened. He never knew what hit him.
  2. not at all; absolutely not:This will never do.
  1. never mind,  don't bother;
    don't concern yourself:Never mind about your mistake.

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never /ˈnɛvə/ adv , sentence substitute
  1. at no time; not ever
  2. certainly not; by no means; in no case
  1. Also: well I never! surely not!
Etymology: Old English nǣfre, from ne not + æfre ever
In informal speech and writing, never can be used instead of not with the simple past tenses of certain verbs for emphasis (I never said that; I never realized how clever he was), but this usage should be avoided in serious writing

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