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oph•thal•mi•a  (of thalmē ə, op-),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Ophthalmologyinflammation of the eye, esp. of its membranes or external structures.
oph•thal•mi•ac  (of thalmē ak′, op-),USA pronunciation n. 
  • Medieval Latin, Late Latin as above
  • Greek ophthalmía, equivalent. to ophthalm(ós) eye + -ia -ia; replacing Middle English obtalmia
  • Late Latin
  • 1350–1400;

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ophthalmia /ɒfˈθælmɪə/ n
  1. inflammation of the eye, often including the conjunctiva
Etymology: 16th Century: via Late Latin from Greek, from ophthalmos eye; see optic

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