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orle  (ôrl),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Heraldry
    • a charge in the form of a narrow band following the form of the escutcheon within the edge, so that the extreme outer edge of the escutcheon is of the field tincture.
    • an arrangement in orle of small charges:azure, an orle of bezants.
  2. Heraldry[Armor.]a thick roll of cloth or leather on a helmet forming a base for an ornamental crest.
Also called  or•let  (ôr lā),USA pronunciation  orlo. [Archit.] a border, as one formed by a fillet. a fillet at the upper end of the shaft of a column. Cf.  cincture (def. 3). a fillet between two flutes of a column.
  • Vulgar Latin *ōrulus, diminutive of Latin ōra border
  • Middle French: border, edge
  • 1565–75

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