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os•te•o•ma•la•cia  (os′tē ō mə lāshə, -shē ə, -sē ə),USA pronunciation n. [Pathol.]
  1. Pathologya condition characterized by softening of the bones with resultant pain, weakness, and bone fragility, caused by inadequate deposition of calcium or vitamin D.
os′te•o•ma•lacial, os•te•o•ma•lac•ic  (os′tē ō mə lasik),USA pronunciation adj. 
  • Neo-Latin; see osteo-, malacia
  • 1815–25;

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osteomalacia /ˌɒstɪəʊməˈleɪʃɪə/ n
  1. a disease in adults characterized by softening of the bones, resulting from a deficiency of vitamin D and of calcium and phosphorus
Etymology: 19th Century: from New Latin, from osteo- + Greek malakia softness

ˌosteomaˈlacial, osteomalacic /ˌɒstɪəʊməˈlæsɪk/ adj

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