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our•selves /ɑrˈsɛlvz, aʊr-, ˌaʊɚ-/USA pronunciation   pron.pl. 
  1. a form of the pronoun we, a reflexive pronoun used as the direct or indirect object of a verb or the direct object of a preposition when the subject is we:We may be deceiving ourselves. We don't dare vote ourselves a big pay raise.
  2. (used to add emphasis to the pronouns we and us):We ourselves would never say such a thing.
  3. (used in place of we or us in certain constructions with "and'' and "more than''):The children and ourselves want to thank you. No one is more fortunate than ourselves.
  4. our normal, healthy, or customary selves:We were ourselves again after a nap.

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our•selves  (är selvz, ouər-, ou′ər-),USA pronunciation pron.pl. 
  1. a reflexive form of  we (used as the direct or indirect object of a verb or the direct object of a preposition):We are deceiving ourselves. Give us a moment to ourselves.
  2. (used as an intensive with we):We ourselves would never say such a thing.
  3. [Informal.](used in place of  we or  us, esp. in compound subjects, objects, and complements):The children and ourselves thank you kindly. When it satisfies ourselves, it will be ready to market. The ones who really want the new system are the manager and ourselves.
  4. (used in place of  we or  us after as, than, or but):How many parents are as fortunate as ourselves? No one loves skiing more than ourselves. Nobody heard it but ourselves.
  5. our customary, normal, or healthy selves:After a good rest, we're almost ourselves again.
  • 1300–50; Middle English oure selven; see our, self, -en4, -s3
    See  myself. 

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ourselves /aʊəˈsɛlvz/ pron
  1. the reflexive form of we or us
  2. (intensifier): we ourselves will finish it
  3. (preceded by a copula) our usual selves: we are ourselves when we're together
  4. not standard used instead of we or us in compound noun phrases: other people and ourselves

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