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pais•ley /ˈpeɪzli/USA pronunciation n. [uncountable]
    a pattern of colorful, very detailed, usually curving figures.

adj. [before a noun]
Textileshaving the pattern of paisley.

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paisley /ˈpeɪzlɪ/ n
  1. a pattern of small curving shapes with intricate detailing, usually printed in bright colours
  2. a soft fine wool fabric traditionally printed with this pattern
  3. a garment made of this fabric, esp a shawl popular in the late 19th century
  4. (modifier) of or decorated with this pattern: a paisley scarf
Etymology: 19th Century: named after Paisley

Paisley /ˈpeɪzlɪ/ n
  1. an industrial town in SW Scotland, the administrative centre of Renfrewshire: one of the world's chief centres for the manufacture of thread, linen, and gauze in the 19th century. Pop: 74 170 (2001)
Paisley /ˈpeɪzlɪ/ n
  1. Bob. 1919–96, English footballer and manager
  2. Rev. Ian (Richard Kyle). born 1926, Northern Ireland politician and Presbyterian minister; cofounder (1972) and leader of the Ulster Democratic Unionist Party, First Minister of Northern Ireland from 2007 to 2008

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