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pan•i•cle  (pani kəl),USA pronunciation n. [Bot.]
  1. Botanya compound raceme. See illus. under  inflorescence. 
  2. Botanyany loose, diversely branching flower cluster.
pani•cled, adj. 
  • Doric Greek pânos (Attic pênos) a web; see -i-, -cle1
  • Latin pānicula tuft (on plants), diminutive of pānus thread wound on a bobbin, a swelling, ear of millet
  • 1590–1600

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panicle /ˈpænɪkəl/ n
  1. a compound raceme, occurring esp in grasses
Etymology: 16th Century: from Latin pānicula tuft, diminutive of panus thread, ultimately from Greek penos web; related to penion bobbin

ˈpanicled adj

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