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pan•o•ram•a /ˌpænəˈræmə, -ˈrɑmə/USA pronunciation n. [countable],pl. -ram•as.
  1. a wide view of a large area.
  2. a large picture display of a landscape or other scene, often shown one part at a time before spectators.
  3. a continuous unfolding of events:the panorama of Chinese history.
pan•o•ram•ic /ˌpænəˈræmɪk/USA pronunciationadj. 

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panorama /ˌpænəˈrɑːmə/ n
  1. an extensive unbroken view, as of a landscape, in all directions
  2. a wide or comprehensive survey
  3. a large extended picture or series of pictures of a scene, unrolled before spectators a part at a time so as to appear continuous
  4. another name for cyclorama
Etymology: 18th Century: from pan- + Greek horāma view

panoramic /ˌpænəˈræmɪk/ adj ˌpanoˈramically adv

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