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path•o•log•i•cal  (path′ə loji kəl), 
  1. Pathologyof or pertaining to pathology.
  2. Pathologycaused by or involving disease;
  3. Psychiatrycaused by or evidencing a mentally disturbed condition:a pathological liar.
  4. Pathologydealing with diseases:a pathological casebook.
  • Greek pathologik(ós) (see pathology, -ic) + -al1
  • 1680–90
path′o•logi•cal•ly, adv. 

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pa•thol•o•gy /pəˈθɑlədʒi/USA pronunciation   n., pl. -gies. 
  1. Pathology[uncountable] the study of diseases.
  2. Pathology[countable] any condition that is not healthy or normal.
path•o•log•i•cal /ˌpæθəˈlɑdʒɪkəl/USA pronunciation  adj.: a pathological liar.
pa•thol•o•gist, n. [countable]See -path-.

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pa•thol•o•gy  (pə tholə jē), 
n., pl. -gies. 
  1. Pathologythe science or the study of the origin, nature, and course of diseases.
  2. Pathologythe conditions and processes of a disease.
  3. Pathologyany deviation from a healthy, normal, or efficient condition.
  • Greek pathología. See patho-, -logy
  • Latin
  • earlier pathologia 1590–1600
pa•tholo•gist, n. 

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pathological /ˌpæθəˈlɒdʒɪkəl/, (less commonly)pathologic adj
  1. of or relating to pathology
  2. relating to, involving, or caused by disease
  3. informal compulsively motivated: a pathological liar

ˌpathoˈlogically adv

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