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phe•no•type  (fēnə tīp′),USA pronunciation n. [Genetics.]
  1. Geneticsthe observable constitution of an organism.
  2. Geneticsthe appearance of an organism resulting from the interaction of the genotype and the environment. Cf.  genotype. 
phe•no•typ•ic  (fē′nə tipik),USA pronunciation  phe′no•typi•cal, adj.  phe′no•typi•cal•ly, adv. 
  • German Phänotypus (1909); see pheno-, -type

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phenotype /ˈfiːnəʊˌtaɪp/ n
  1. the physical and biochemical characteristics of an organism as determined by the interaction of its genetic constitution and the environment

phenotypic /ˌfiːnəʊˈtɪpɪk/, ˌphenoˈtypical adj ˌphenoˈtypically adv

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