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poof1  (pŏŏf, po̅o̅f ),USA pronunciation interj. 
  1. (used to express or indicate a sudden disappearance):Poof! The magician made the rabbit disappear.
  2. pooh1 (def. 1).
  • 1815–25

poof2  (po̅o̅f, pŏŏf ),USA pronunciation n. [Brit.]Slang (disparaging and offensive) .
  1. British Termsa male homosexual.
  2. British Termsan effeminate male. Also  pooff, pouf, poove. 
  • French pouffe pouf1
  • 1840–50

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poof /pʊf; puːf/, poove n
  1. Brit derogatory slang a male homosexual
Etymology: 20th Century: from French pouffe puff

ˈpoofy adj

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