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por•ter1 /ˈpɔrtɚ/USA pronunciation  n. [countable]
  1. one hired to carry baggage, as at a hotel.
  2. one who does cleaning, repairs, etc., in a building, store, etc.
  3. See -port-.
por•ter2 /ˈpɔrtɚ/USA pronunciation  n. [countable]

    one who has charge of a door or gate;

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porter /ˈpɔːtə/ n
  1. a person employed to carry luggage, parcels, supplies, etc, esp at a railway station or hotel
  2. (in hospitals) a person employed to move patients from place to place
  3. US Canadian a railway employee who waits on passengers, esp in a sleeper
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French portour, from Late Latin portātōr, from Latin portāre to carry
porter /ˈpɔːtə/ n
  1. chiefly Brit a person in charge of a gate or door; doorman or gatekeeper
  2. a person employed by a university or college as a caretaker and doorkeeper who also answers enquiries
  3. a person in charge of the maintenance of a building, esp a block of flats
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French portier, from Late Latin portārius doorkeeper, from Latin porta door
porter /ˈpɔːtə/ n
  1. Brit a dark sweet ale brewed from black malt
Etymology: 18th Century: shortened from porter's ale, apparently because it was a favourite beverage of porters

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