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po•ten•ti•om•e•ter  (pə ten′shē omi tər),USA pronunciation n. [Elect.]
  1. Electricitya device for measuring electromotive force or potential difference by comparison with a known voltage.
  2. ElectricitySee  voltage divider. 
po•ten•ti•o•met•ric  (pə ten′shē ə metrik),USA pronunciation adj. 
  • 1880–85; potenti(al) + -o- + -meter

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potentiometer /pəˌtɛnʃɪˈɒmɪtə/ n
  1. an instrument for determining a potential difference or electromotive force by measuring the fraction of it that balances a standard electromotive force
  2. a device with three terminals, two of which are connected to a resistance wire and the third to a brush moving along the wire, so that a variable potential can be tapped off: used in electronic circuits, esp as a volume control

Sometimes shortened to: pot
poˌtentiˈometry n

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