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pre•cise /prɪˈsaɪs/USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. definitely stated, defined, or fixed:clear, precise directions.
  2. [before a noun] being that one and no other:bought the precise dress I wanted.
  3. exact in expressing oneself:He's very precise, so if he said "today,'' then he means "today.''
  4. carefully distinct:careful, almost too-precise pronunciation.
  5. exact in measuring, recording, etc.:a precise instrument.
pre•cise•ness, n. [uncountable]See -cise-.

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precise /prɪˈsaɪs/ adj
  1. strictly correct in amount or value: a precise sum
  2. designating a certain thing and no other; particular: this precise location
  3. using or operating with total accuracy: precise instruments
  4. strict in observance of rules, standards, etc: a precise mind
Etymology: 16th Century: from French précis, from Latin praecīdere to curtail, from prae before + caedere to cut

preˈciseness n

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