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prog•ress /n. ˈprɑgrɛs, -rəs; v. prəˈgrɛs/USA pronunciation n. [uncountable]
  1. advancement toward a goal or to a further or higher stage:to make progress in the disarmament talks.
  2. growth or development; improvement:to show progress in muscular coordination.
  3. forward or onward movement:the progress of the planets around the sun.

v. pro•gress [no object]
  • to go forward or onward in space or time:The years are progressing.
  • to grow or develop, presumably toward a goal or to a higher or further stage:progressing in my studies.
  • idiom
    1. Idiomsin progress, going on; under way:His long novel is a work in progress.

    See -gress-.

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    progress n /ˈprəʊɡrɛs/
    1. movement forwards, esp towards a place or objective
    2. satisfactory development, growth, or advance: she is making progress in maths
    3. advance towards completion, maturity, or perfection: the steady onward march of progress
    4. (modifier) of or relating to progress
    5. increasing complexity, adaptation, etc, during the development of an individual or evolution of a group
    6. Brit a stately royal journey
    7. in progresstaking place; under way
    vb /prəˈɡrɛs/
    1. (intransitive) to move forwards or onwards, as towards a place or objective
    Etymology: 15th Century: from Latin prōgressus a going forwards, from prōgredī to advance, from pro-1 + gradī to step

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