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pro•tec•tor•ate /prəˈtɛktərɪt/USA pronunciation   n. [countable]
  1. Governmenta state or territory protected by a stronger nation.

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pro•tec•tor•ate  (prə tektər it),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Governmentthe relation of a strong state toward a weaker state or territory that it protects and partly controls.
  2. Governmenta state or territory so protected.
  3. World Historythe office or position, or the term of office, of a protector.
  4. World Historythe government of a protector.
  5. World History(cap.) [Eng. Hist.]the period (1653–59) during which Oliver and Richard Cromwell held the title of Lord Protector, sometimes extended to include the period of the restoration of the Rump Parliament (1659–60).
  • protector + -ate3 1685–95

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protectorate /prəˈtɛktərɪt/ n
  1. a territory largely controlled by but not annexed to a stronger state
  2. the office or period of office of a protector

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