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puke /pyuk/USA pronunciation   v.,  puked, puk•ing, n. [Slang.]
  1. Slang Termsto vomit: [no object]He went outside and puked.[+ object]puking dinner.

n. [uncountable]
  1. Slang Termsvomit.

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puke  (pyo̅o̅k),USA pronunciation v.,  puked, puk•ing. n. 
v.i., v.t. Slang. 
  1. Slang Termsto vomit.

  1. Slang Termsvomit.
    • any food or drink that is repulsive.
    • anything that is contemptible or worthless.
  • perh. imitative 1590–1600

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puke /pjuːk/ slang vb
  1. to vomit
  1. the act of vomiting
  2. the matter vomited
Etymology: 16th Century: probably of imitative origin; compare German spucken to spit

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