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pur•vey•ance  (pər vāəns),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. the act of purveying.
  2. something that is purveyed, as provisions.
  3. Law[Eng. Law.]a prerogative of the crown, abolished in 1660, allowing provisions, supplies, or services for the sovereign or the royal household to be purchased or acquired at an appraised value.
  • Latin prōvidentia. See providence
  • Old French purveance
  • 1225–75; purvey + -ance; replacing Middle English purvea(u)nce, purvya(u)nce

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purveyance /pəˈveɪəns/ n
  1. the collection or requisition of provisions for a sovereign
  2. rare the act of purveying

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