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put /pʊt/ vb (puts, putting, put)(mainly tr)
  1. to cause to be (in a position or place): to put a book on the table
  2. to cause to be (in a state, relation, etc): to put one's things in order
  3. (followed by to) to cause (a person) to experience the endurance or suffering (of): to put to death, to put to the sword
  4. to set or commit (to an action, task, or duty), esp by force: he put him to work
  5. to render, transform, or translate: to put into English
  6. to set (words) in a musical form (esp in the phrase put to music)
  7. (followed by at) to estimate: he put the distance at fifty miles
  8. (followed by to) to utilize (for the purpose of): he put his knowledge to good use
  9. (followed by to) to couple a female animal (with a male) for the purpose of breeding: the farmer put his heifer to the bull
  10. to state; express: to put it bluntly
  11. to set or make (an end or limit): he put an end to the proceedings
  12. to present for consideration in anticipation of an answer or vote; propose: he put the question to the committee, I put it to you that one day you will all die
  13. to invest (money) in; give (support) to: he put five thousand pounds into the project
  14. to impart: to put zest into a party
  15. to throw or cast
  16. not know where to put oneselfto feel awkward or embarrassed
  17. stay putto refuse to leave; keep one's position
  1. a throw or cast, esp in putting the shot

  2. Also called: put option an option to sell a stated amount of securities at a specified price during a specified limited period

See also put about, put acrossEtymology: 12th Century puten to push; related to Old English potian to push, Norwegian, Icelandic pota to poke

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