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quan•dong  (kwondong′),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Plant Biologyan Australian tree, Fusanus acuminatus, bearing a fruit with an edible, nutlike seed.
  2. Plant Biologythe fruit, or the seed or nut.
Also,  quandang′, quantong. 
  • Wiradjuri guwandhāŋ
  • 1830–40

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quandong, quandang /ˈkwɒnˌdɒŋ/quantong /ˈkwɒnˌtɒŋ/ n
  1. Also called: native peach a small Australian santalaceous tree, Eucarya acuminata (or Fusanus acuminatus)
  2. the edible fruit or nut of this tree, used in preserves
  3. silver quandongan Australian tree, Elaeocarpus grandis: family Elaeocarpaceae
  4. the pale easily worked timber of this tree
Etymology: from a native Australian language

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