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quar•tern  (kwôrtərn),USA pronunciation n. [Chiefly Brit.]
  1. Weights and Measuresa quarter, or a fourth part, esp. of certain weights and measures, as of a pound, ounce, peck, or pint.
  • Old French quarteron, derivative of quart fourth. See quart1
  • Middle English quartroun, quartron, quartern 1250–1300

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quartern /ˈkwɔːtən/ n
  1. a fourth part of certain weights or measures, such as a peck or a pound
  2. Also called: quartern loaf Brit a type of loaf 4 inches square, used esp for making sandwiches
  3. any loaf weighing 1600 g when baked
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French quarteron, from quart a quarter


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