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Rab•bin•ic  (rə binik), 

    Language Varietiesthe Hebrew language as used by rabbis in post-Biblical times.
  • Medieval Latin rabbīn(us) of a rabbi1 + -ic
  • 1605–15

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rab•bi1 /ˈræbaɪ/USA pronunciation n. [countable],pl. -bis.
  1. Judaismthe chief religious official of a synagogue who performs rituals, teaches, and functions as spiritual leader of the congregation.
  2. Judaism(a title of respect for) a Jewish scholar or teacher.
rab•bin•i•cal /rəˈbɪnɪkəl/USA pronunciationrab•bin•ic, adj. 

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rabbinic /rəˈbɪnɪk/, rabbinical /rəˈbɪnɪkəl/ adj
  1. of or relating to the rabbis, their teachings, writings, views, language, etc

rabˈbinically adv

Rabbinic /rəˈbɪnɪk/ n
  1. the form of the Hebrew language used by the rabbis of the Middle Ages

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