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reap /rip/USA pronunciation   v. 
  1. Agricultureto gather or take (a crop, harvest, etc.): [+ object]to reap grain.[no object]a time to reap and a time to sow.
  2. to get as a return or result[+ object]The company reaped large profits in its first year.

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reap  (rēp), 
  • Agricultureto cut (wheat, rye, etc.) with a sickle or other implement or a machine, as in harvest.
  • Agricultureto gather or take (a crop, harvest, etc.).
  • to get as a return, recompense, or result:to reap large profits.

  • v.i. 
    1. Agricultureto reap a crop, harvest, etc.
    Etymology:bef. 900;
    Middle English repen, Old English repan, riopan;
    cognate with Middle Low German repen to ripple (flax);
    akin to ripe
    reapa•ble, adj. 
    3 . gather, earn, realize, gain, win.

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    reap /riːp/ vb
    1. to cut or harvest (a crop), esp corn, from (a field or tract of land)
    2. (transitive) to gain or get (something) as a reward for or result of some action or enterprise
    Etymology: Old English riopan; related to Norwegian ripa to scratch, Middle Low German repen to card, ripple (flax)

    ˈreapable adj

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