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re•du•pli•cate  (v. ri do̅o̅pli kāt′, -dyo̅o̅-;adj. ri do̅o̅pli kit, -kāt′, -dyo̅o̅-),USA pronunciation v.,  -cat•ed, -cat•ing, adj. 
  1. to double;
  2. Grammarto form (a derivative or inflected form) by doubling a specified syllable or other portion of the primitive, sometimes with fixed modifications, as in Greek léloipa "I have left,'' leípo "I leave.''

  1. to become doubled.
  2. Grammarto become reduplicated.

  1. doubled.
  • Late Latin reduplicātus (past participle of reduplicāre), equivalent. to Latin re- re- + duplic(āre) to double + -ātus -ate1 (see duplicate)
  • 1560–70

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reduplicate vb /rɪˈdjuːplɪˌkeɪt/
  1. to make or become double; repeat
  2. to repeat (a sound or syllable) in a word or (of a sound or syllable) to be repeated, esp in forming inflections in certain languages
adj /rɪˈdjuːplɪkɪt/
  1. doubled or repeated
  2. (of petals or sepals) having the margins curving outwards

reˈduplicative adj

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