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regular habits

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regular /ˈrɛɡjʊlə/ adj
  1. normal, customary, or usual
  2. according to a uniform principle, arrangement, or order
  3. occurring at fixed or prearranged intervals: to make a regular call on a customer
  4. following a set rule or normal practice; methodical or orderly
  5. symmetrical in appearance or form; even: regular features
  6. (prenominal) organized, elected, conducted, etc, in a proper or officially prescribed manner
  7. (prenominal) officially qualified or recognized: he's not a regular doctor
  8. (prenominal) (intensifier): a regular fool
  9. US Canadian informal likable, dependable, or nice (esp in the phrase a regular guy)
  10. denoting or relating to the personnel or units of the permanent military services: a regular soldier, the regular army
  11. (of flowers) having any of their parts, esp petals, alike in size, shape, arrangement, etc; symmetrical
  12. (of the formation, inflections, etc, of a word) following the usual pattern of formation in a language
  13. (of a polygon) equilateral and equiangular
  14. (of a polyhedron) having identical regular polygons as faces that make identical angles with each other
  15. (of a prism) having regular polygons as bases
  16. (of a pyramid) having a regular polygon as a base and the altitude passing through the centre of the base
  17. another word for actinomorphic
  18. (postpositive) subject to the rule of an established religious order or community: canons regular
  1. a professional long-term serviceman or -woman in a military unit
  2. informal a person who does something regularly, such as attending a theatre or patronizing a shop
  3. a member of a religious order or congregation, as contrasted with a secular
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French reguler, from Latin rēgulāris of a bar of wood or metal, from rēgula ruler, model

ˌreguˈlarity n ˈregularly adv

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