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rent roll

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rent /rɛnt/ n
  1. a payment made periodically by a tenant to a landlord or owner for the occupation or use of land, buildings, or by a user for the use of other property, such as a telephone
  2. the return derived from the cultivation of land in excess of production costs
  3. for rentchiefly US Canadian available for use and occupation subject to the payment of rent
  1. (transitive) to grant (a person) the right to use one's property in return for periodic payments
  2. (transitive) to occupy or use (property) in return for periodic payments
  3. (intransitive) often followed by at: to be let or rented (for a specified rental)
Etymology: 12th Century: from Old French rente revenue, from Vulgar Latin rendere (unattested) to yield; see render

ˈrentable adj
rent /rɛnt/ n
  1. a slit or opening made by tearing or rending; tear
  2. a breach or division, as in relations
  1. the past tense and past participle of rend

rend /rɛnd/ vb (rends, rending, rent)
  1. to tear with violent force or to be torn in this way; rip
  2. (transitive) to tear or pull (one's clothes, etc), esp as a manifestation of rage or grief
  3. (transitive) (of a noise or cry) to disturb (the air, silence, etc) with a shrill or piercing tone
Etymology: Old English rendan; related to Old Frisian renda

ˈrendible adj

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