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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2016
re•quire /rɪˈkwaɪr/USA pronunciation   v., -quired, -quir•ing. 
  1. to have need of;
    need[+ object]He requires medical care.
  2. to order (someone) to do something; demand, esp. with authority: [+ object + to + verb]The judge required the witness to testify.[+ that clause]The judge required that the witness testify.[no object]to do as the law requires.
  3. to make necessary[+ object]The work required great patience.
  4. to place (someone) under an obligation to do something[not: be + ~-ing; ~ + object + to + verb]You are required to answer all questions.
re•quire•ment, n. [countable]See -quir-.

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
re•quire  (ri kwīər), 
v., -quired, -quir•ing. 

  1. to have need of;
    need:He requires medical care.
  2. to call on authoritatively; order or enjoin to do something:to require an agent to account for money spent.
  3. to ask for authoritatively or imperatively;
  4. to impose need or occasion for;
    make necessary or indispensable:The work required infinite patience.
  5. to call for or exact as obligatory; ordain:The law requires annual income-tax returns.
  6. to place under an obligation or necessity:The situation requires me to take immediate action.
  7. British Terms[Chiefly Brit.]to desire; wish to have:Will you require tea at four o'clock?

  1. to demand;
    impose obligation:to do as the law requires.
  • Latin requīrere, equivalent. to re- re- + -quīrere, combining form of quaerere to seek, search for (compare quest)
  • Middle English requiren 1300–50
re•quira•ble, adj. 
re•quirer, n. 
1 . See lack.  3 . See demand.  6 . obligate, necessitate. 3 . forgo.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

require /rɪˈkwaɪə/ vb (mainly tr; may take a clause as object or an infinitive)
  1. to have need of; depend upon; want
  2. to impose as a necessity; make necessary: this work requires precision
  3. (also intr) to make formal request (for); insist upon or demand, esp as an obligation
  4. to call upon or oblige (a person) authoritatively; order or command: to require someone to account for his actions
Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French requerre, from Vulgar Latin requaerere (unattested) to seek after, from Latin requīrere to seek to know, but also influenced by quaerere to seek

reˈquirer n USAGE
The use of require to as in I require to see the manager or you require to complete a special form is thought by many people to be incorrect: I need to see the manager; you are required to complete a special form

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