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rich /rɪtʃ/USA pronunciation adj., -er, -est,n. 

  • having wealth or great possessions.
  • having great or many natural resources:a rich harvest last year.
  • [be + ~ + with/in] having a great amount of something:fruits rich in vitamin C.
  • containing a large amount of cream, butter, fat, sugar, or the like:a rich gravy.
  • (of color, etc.) deep, strong, full, or mellow:a deep, rich red wine.
  • [be + ~][Informal.]
    • highly amusing, so as to be absurd:Go on a date with you? Ha, that's rich!

  • the rich, [plural; used with a plural verb] rich people thought of as a group:The rich get richer.
  • rich•ly, adv. 
    rich•ness, n. [uncountable]

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    rich /rɪtʃ/ adj
    1. well supplied with wealth, property, etc; owning much
    2. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the rich
    3. when postpositive, usually followed by in: having an abundance of natural resources, minerals, etc: a land rich in metals
    4. producing abundantly; fertile: rich soil
    5. when postpositive, usually followed by in or with: well supplied (with desirable qualities); abundant (in): a country rich with cultural interest
    6. of great worth or quality; valuable: a rich collection of antiques
    7. luxuriant or prolific: a rich growth of weeds
    8. expensively elegant, elaborate, or fine; costly: a rich display
    9. (of food) having a large proportion of flavoursome or fatty ingredients, such as spices, butter, or cream
    10. having a full-bodied flavour: a rich ruby port
    11. (of a smell) pungent or fragrant
    12. (of colour) intense or vivid; deep: a rich red
    13. (of sound or a voice) full, mellow, or resonant
    14. (of a fuel-air mixture) containing a relatively high proportion of fuel
    15. very amusing, laughable, or ridiculous: a rich joke, a rich situation
    1. See riches
    Etymology: Old English rīce (originally of persons: great, mighty), of Germanic origin, ultimately from Celtic (compare Old Irish king)

    Rich /rɪtʃ/ n
    1. Adrienne. born 1929, US poet and feminist writer; her volumes of poetry include Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law (1963) and Diving Into the Wreck (1973)
    2. Buddy, real name Bernard Rich. 1917–87, US jazz drummer and band leader

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