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ris•sole  (ri sōl, risōl; Fr. rē sôl),USA pronunciation n., pl.  ris•soles 
    (ri sōlz, risōlz; Fr. rē sôl).USA pronunciation 
  1. Fooda small pastry, often in turnover form, filled with a mixture containing meat or fish and usually fried in deep fat.
  • Vulgar Latin *russeola (feminine adjective, adjectival) reddish
  • French; Middle French roissole, rousole, perh.
  • 1700–10

ris•so•lé  (risə lē, ris′ə lā; Fr. rē sô lā),USA pronunciation adj. 
  1. Food(of foods) browned in deep fat.
  • French, past participle of rissoler to brown, derivative of rissole rissole

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rissole /ˈrɪsəʊl/ n
  1. a mixture of minced cooked meat coated in egg and breadcrumbs and fried
Etymology: 18th Century: from French, probably ultimately from Latin russus red; see russet


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