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rug•by /ˈrʌgbi/USA pronunciation   n. [uncountable]
  1. Sporta form of football played between two teams of 13 or 15 members each:In rugby there is continuous action and no substituting of players. Also called  ˈRug•by ˈfoot•ball. 

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Rug•by  (rugbē),USA pronunciation n. 
  1. Place Namesa city in E Warwickshire, in central England. 86,400.
  2. a boys' preparatory school located there: founded 1567.
  3. SportAlso,  rugby. Also called  rugger,  Rugby football. a form of football, played between two teams of 15 members each, that differs from soccer in freedom to carry the ball, block with the hands and arms, and tackle, and is characterized chiefly by continuous action and prohibition against the use of substitute players.
  • 1835–40 for def. 3

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rugby, rugby football /ˈrʌɡbɪ/ n
  1. Also called: rugger a form of football played with an oval ball in which the handling and carrying of the ball is permitted
  2. Canadian
    another name for Canadian football

See also rugby league, rugby unionEtymology: 19th Century: named after the public school at Rugby, where it was first played

Rugby /ˈrʌɡbɪ/ n
  1. a town in central England, in E Warwickshire: famous public school, founded in 1567. Pop: 61 988 (2001)

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