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ru•in /ˈruɪn/USA pronunciation n. 
  1. ruins, [plural] the remains of a building, etc., destroyed or in decay:the ruins of Troy.
  2. [countable] a destroyed or decayed building, etc.:toured the ruin of the apartment house after the earthquake.
  3. [uncountable] a fallen, wrecked, or decayed condition:The house fell into ruin.
  4. [uncountable] the complete loss of health, means, money, etc.:We'd sunk into financial ruin.
  5. [uncountable] something that causes a downfall or destruction:Alcohol was his ruin.

v. [+ object]
  • to reduce to ruin; destroy:Her smoking is ruining her health.
  • to bring to financial ruin; bankrupt:Another lawsuit like that and I'll be ruined.
  • ru•in•a•tion /ˌruɪˈneɪʃən/USA pronunciationn. [uncountable]

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    ruin /ˈruːɪn/ n
    1. destroyed or decayed building or town
    2. the state or condition of being destroyed or decayed
    3. loss of wealth, position, etc, or something that causes such loss; downfall
    4. something that is severely damaged: his life was a ruin
    5. a person who has suffered a downfall, bankruptcy, etc
    6. archaic loss of her virginity by a woman outside marriage
    1. (transitive) to bring to ruin; destroy
    2. (transitive) to injure or spoil: the town has been ruined with tower blocks
    3. (intransitive) archaic or poetic to fall into ruins; collapse
    Etymology: 14th Century: from Old French ruine, from Latin ruīna a falling down, from ruere to fall violently

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