sample of no commercial value

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sample /ˈsɑːmpəl/ n
  1. a small part of anything, intended as representative of the whole; specimen
  2. (as modifier): a sample bottle

  3. Also called: sampling a set of individuals or items selected from a population for analysis to yield estimates of, or to test hypotheses about, parameters of the whole population. A biased sample is one in which the items selected share some property which influences their distribution, while a random sample is devised to avoid any such interference so that its distribution is affected only by, and so can be held to represent, that of the whole population
  1. (transitive) to take a sample or samples of
  2. to take a short extract from (one record) and mix it into a different backing track
  3. to record (a sound) and feed it into a computerized synthesizer so that it can be reproduced at any pitch
Etymology: 13th Century: from Old French essample, from Latin exemplum example

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