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sar•sa•pa•ril•la /ˌsæspəˈrɪlə, ˌsɑrspə-/USA pronunciation n., pl. -las.
  1. Plant Biology[countable] a vine that grows in warm regions, having heart-shaped leaves.
  2. Plant Biology[uncountable] the root of this vine, used as a flavoring.
  3. Fooda soft drink, such as root beer, flavored with this: [uncountable]sold sarsaparilla in those old drugstores.[countable]Two sarsaparillas, please.

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sarsaparilla /ˌsɑːsəpəˈrɪlə ˌsɑːspə-/ n
  1. any of various prickly climbing plants of the tropical American genus Smilax having large aromatic roots and heart-shaped leaves: family Smilacaceae
  2. the dried roots of any of these plants, formerly used as a medicine
  3. a nonalcoholic drink prepared from these roots
Etymology: 16th Century: from Spanish zarzaparrilla, from zarza a bramble, (from Arabic šaras) + -parrilla, from Spanish parra a climbing plant

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