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WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
sca•lene  (skā lēn), 
      • (of a cone or the like) having the axis inclined to the base.
      • (of a triangle) having three unequal sides.
  1. Anatomy[Anat.]of or pertaining to a scalenus muscle.
  • Greek skalēnós unequal
  • Late Latin scalēnus
  • 1635–45

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

scalene /ˈskeɪliːn/ adj
  1. (of a triangle) having all sides of unequal length
  2. of or relating to any of the scalenus muscles
Etymology: 17th Century: from Late Latin scalēnus with unequal sides, from Greek skalēnos

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