For the noun: scarf
Plural form: scarves

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scarf1 /skɑrf/USA pronunciation n. [countable],pl. scarfs, scarves/skɑrvz/USA pronunciation

    Clothinga long strip of cloth worn about the neck.

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scarves /skɑːvz/ n
  1. a plural of scarf1

scarf /skɑːf/ n ( pl scarves /skɑːvz/, scarfs)
  1. a rectangular, triangular, or long narrow piece of cloth worn around the head, neck, or shoulders for warmth or decoration
Etymology: 16th Century: of uncertain origin; compare Old Norman French escarpe, Medieval Latin scrippum pilgrim's pack; see scrip²
scarf /skɑːf/ n ( pl scarfs)
  1. Also called: scarf joint, scarfed joint a lapped joint between two pieces of timber made by notching or grooving the ends and strapping, bolting, or gluing the two pieces together
  2. the end of a piece of timber shaped to form such a joint
  3. an incision made along a whale's body before stripping off the blubber
vb (transitive)
  1. to join (two pieces of timber) by means of a scarf
  2. to make a scarf on (a piece of timber)
  3. to cut a scarf in (a whale)
Etymology: 14th Century: probably from Scandinavian; compare Norwegian skarv, Swedish skarf, Low German, Dutch scherf scarf1

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