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scratch /skrætʃ/USA pronunciationv. 
  • to damage or mark the surface of by scraping with something rough: [+ object]The cat scratched her.[no object]The cat scratched at the door.
  • to (cause to) be removed with a scraping action: [+ object]Did you scratch the paint on your new car?[no object]This paint won't scratch easily.
  • to scrape slightly, as with the fingernails, to relieve itching: [no object]He scratched gently at his ear while he thought.[+ object]He scratched his arm where the mosquito had bitten him.
  • [+ object] to draw on a rough, grating surface:to scratch one's initials on the rock.
  • [+ object] to remove (an entry) from a contest:He was scratched from the race at the last minute.
  • [+ object] to reject (an idea, etc.):Scratch that idea; it costs too much.

  • n. 
  • Pathology[countable] a slight injury or mark caused by scratching:had a scratch on his face from the cat.
  • [countable] a rough mark made by a pen, etc.; scrawl.
  • [countable] the act of scratching.
  • [countable] a slight grating sound produced by scratching:The scratches on the record made it impossible to enjoy the music.
  • Slang Terms[uncountable][Slang.]money.money

  • adj. [before a noun]
  • used for notes, etc.:scratch paper.
  • Informal Termsgathered together too quickly and without enough care:a scratch crew.
  • idiom
      from scratch, [uncountable]
      • from the beginning or from nothing:Let's start from scratch.
      • using basic pieces or ingredients rather than a commercial preparation:to bake a cake from scratch.
    1. Idiomsup to scratch, as good as the standard; satisfactory:Your work is not up to scratch.

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    scratch /skrætʃ/ vb
    1. to mark or cut (the surface of something) with a rough or sharp instrument
    2. often followed by at, out, off, etc: to scrape (the surface of something), as with claws, nails, etc
    3. to scrape (the surface of the skin) with the nails, as to relieve itching
    4. to chafe or irritate (a surface, esp the skin)
    5. to make or cause to make a grating sound; scrape
    6. (transitive) sometimes followed by out: to erase by or as if by scraping
    7. (transitive) to write or draw awkwardly
    8. (intransitive) sometimes followed by along: to earn a living, manage, etc, with difficulty
    9. to withdraw (an entry) from a race, match, etc
    1. the act of scratching
    2. a slight injury
    3. a mark made by scratching
    4. a slight grating sound
    5. (in a handicap sport) a competitor or the status of a competitor who has no allowance or receives a penalty
    6. the line from which competitors start in a race
    7. (formerly) a line drawn on the floor of a prize ring at which the contestants stood to begin or continue fighting
    8. a lucky shot
    9. up to scratch ⇒ (usually used with a negative) informal up to standard
    1. (of a team) assembled hastily
    2. (in a handicap sport) with no allowance or penalty
    3. informal rough or haphazard
    Etymology: 15th Century: via Old French escrater from Germanic; compare Old High German krazzōn (German kratzen); related to Old French gratter to grate1

    ˈscratchy adj

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