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seed head

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seed /siːd/ n
  1. a mature fertilized plant ovule, consisting of an embryo and its food store surrounded by a protective seed coat (testa)
    Related adjective(s): seminal
  2. the small hard seedlike fruit of plants such as wheat
  3. (loosely) any propagative part of a plant, such as a tuber, spore, or bulb
  4. the source, beginning, or germ of anything: the seeds of revolt
  5. chiefly offspring or descendants: the seed of Abraham
  6. an archaic or dialect term for sperm1, semen
  7. a seeded player
  8. a small crystal added to a supersaturated solution or supercooled liquid to induce crystallization
  9. go to seed, run to seed(of plants) to produce and shed seeds
  10. to lose vigour, usefulness, etc
  1. to plant (seeds, grain, etc) in (soil): we seeded this field with oats
  2. (intransitive) (of plants) to form or shed seeds
  3. (transitive) to remove the seeds from (fruit, etc)
  4. (transitive) to add a small crystal to (a supersaturated solution or supercooled liquid) in order to cause crystallization
  5. (transitive) to scatter certain substances, such as silver iodide, in (clouds) in order to cause rain
  6. (transitive) to arrange (the draw of a tournament) so that outstanding teams or players will not meet in the early rounds
Etymology: Old English sǣd; related to Old Norse sāth, Gothic sēths, Old High German sāt

ˈseedless adj

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