For the verb: "to seek"

Simple Past: sought
Past Participle: sought

WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
seek /sik/USA pronunciation v., sought/sɔt/USA pronunciationseek•ing.
  1. to go in search of: [~ ( + out) + object]to seek (out) a new life.[+ object ( + out)]to seek her (out), wherever she was.
  2. [+ object] to try to discover, as by studying:to seek the secrets of the universe.
  3. [+ object] to try to obtain:to seek advice from your attorney.
  4. [+ to + verb] to try or attempt:sought to convince the queen to finance his expedition.
seek•er, n. [countable]

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

seek /siːk/ vb (seeks, seeking, sought)(mainly tr)
  1. when intr, often followed by for or after: to try to find by searching; look for: to seek a solution
  2. (also intr) to try to obtain or acquire: to seek happiness
  3. to attempt (to do something); try: I'm only seeking to help
  4. (also intr) to enquire about or request (something): to seek help
  5. to go or resort to: to seek the garden for peace
Etymology: Old English sēcan; related to Old Norse sōkja, Gothic sōkjan, Old High German suohhen, Latin sāgīre to perceive by scent; see beseech

ˈseeker n

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