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shal•low /ˈʃæloʊ/USA pronunciation   adj.,  -er, -est. 
  1. of little depth;
    not deep:shallow water.
  2. lacking depth or seriousness;
    superficial:a shallow mind.
  3. taking in a small amount of air in each breath:shallow breathing.

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shal•low  (shalō),USA pronunciation adj.,  -er, -est, n., adv., v. 
  1. of little depth;
    not deep:shallow water.
  2. lacking depth;
    superficial:a mind that is not narrow but shallow.
  3. taking in a relatively small amount of air in each inhalation:shallow breathing.
  4. Sport[Baseball.]relatively close to home plate:The shortstop caught the pop fly in shallow left field.

  1. Usually,  shallows. (used with a sing. or pl. v.) a shallow part of a body of water;

  1. Sport[Baseball.]at a shallow position:With the pitcher up, the outfielders played shallow.

v.t., v.i. 
  1. to make or become shallow.
shallow•ly, adv. 
shallow•ness, n. 
  • 1350–1400; Middle English schalowe (adjective, adjectival); akin to Old English sceald shallow (see shoal1)

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shallow /ˈʃæləʊ/ adj
  1. having little depth
  2. lacking intellectual or mental depth or subtlety; superficial
  1. (often plural) a shallow place in a body of water; shoal
  1. to make or become shallow
Etymology: 15th Century: related to Old English sceald shallow; see shoal1

ˈshallowly adv ˈshallowness n

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