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show•ing /ˈʃoʊɪŋ/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. the act of putting something on display.
  2. a performance considered for the impression it makes:The first woman candidate from that district made a strong showing at the polls.

WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2015
show /ʃoʊ/USA pronunciation v., showed, shown/ʃoʊn/USA pronunciationorshowed, show•ing,n. 

  • to (cause or allow to) appear, be seen, etc.: [+ object + object]Let me show you the work we've been doing.[+ object]The photograph shows our new house.[+ object + to + object]Show the photograph to the jury.[no object]a stain on her dress that didn't show in the dim light.
  • Show Businessto present or perform as a public entertainment or as an exhibition: [+ object]to show a movie.[no object; usually: be + ~-ing]His movie would be showing for the next three weeks.
  • to indicate;
    point out: [+ object]to show the way.[+ (that) clause]The polls show (that) he is losing popularity.[+ object + object]The man showed us the entrance to the museum.
  • [+ object] to guide; escort:Show her in.
  • to make known;
    explain: [+ object + object]She showed us an easier way to solve the problem.[~ ( + object) + clause]He showed (us) what he meant.
  • to reveal; prove or make clear: [+ object]Your work shows promise.[+ object + to + verb]showed the idea to be entirely unworkable.[+ that clause]showed that the idea wouldn't work.
  • [+ object] to register; mark:The thermometer showed 10 below zero.
  • to exhibit or offer for sale: [+ object]to show a house.[+ object + to + object]to show a house to possible buyers.[+ object + object]The real estate agent showed us the house.
  • to offer; grant: [+ object]to show mercy.[+ object + to + object]to show mercy to his enemies.[+ object + object]to show his enemies mercy.
  • [no object] to make an appearance; be present;
    show up:It's getting late;
    do you think they'll still show?
  • show off: 
    • [+ off + object] to display to advantage:The gold frame shows off the picture nicely.
    • [+ off + object] to present for approval:young parents showing off their new baby.
    • [no object] to seek attention by constantly displaying one's talent, etc.:a child showing off in front of guests.
    show up: 
    • [+ up + object] to make known; reveal:That report showed up the manager's mistakes.
    • [no object] to appear as specified;
      be seen:White shows up well against the blue.
    • [no object] to come to or arrive at a place:It's getting late; I wonder if he'll even show up now.
    • [+ up + object] to make (another) seem lower or inferior;
      outdo:She keeps showing up her rivals.

  • Show Business[countable] a theatrical production, performance, etc.:a Broadway show.
  • Show Business[countable] a radio or television program:a morning radio show.
  • Show Business[countable] a motion picture.
  • [countable] a display of products by manufacturers in an industry:an auto show.
  • [countable] exhibition:a show of paintings by Renoir.
  • [uncountable] overly fancy or dramatic display:all show and no substance.
  • [countable] a display or demonstration:a show of courage.
  • Sport[uncountable][Sports.]the position of the competitor who comes in third, such as in a horse race.
  • [countable; usually singular] appearance;
    impression:to make a sorry show.
  • [countable] a sight or spectacle:What a show the new player put on!

  • Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    showing /ˈʃəʊɪŋ/ n
    1. a presentation, exhibition, or display
    2. manner of presentation; performance

    show /ʃəʊ/ vb (shows, showing, showed, shown, showed)
    1. to make, be, or become visible or noticeable: to show one's dislike
    2. (transitive) to present to view; exhibit: he showed me a picture
    3. (transitive) to indicate or explain; prove: to show that the earth moves round the sun
    4. (transitive) to exhibit or present (oneself or itself) in a specific character: to show oneself to be trustworthy
    5. (tr; followed by how and an infinitive) to instruct by demonstration: show me how to swim
    6. (transitive) to indicate or register: a barometer shows changes in the weather
    7. (transitive) to grant or bestow: to show favour to someone
    8. (intransitive) to appear: to show to advantage
    9. to exhibit, display, or offer (goods, etc) for sale: three artists were showing at the gallery
    10. (transitive) to allege, as in a legal document: to show cause
    11. to present (a play, film, etc) or (of a play, etc) to be presented, as at a theatre or cinema
    12. (transitive) to guide or escort: please show me to my room
    13. show into conduct a person into a room or building by opening the door for him
    14. show outto conduct a person out of a room or building by opening the door for him
    1. a display or exhibition
    2. a public spectacle
    3. an ostentatious or pretentious display
    4. a theatrical or other entertainment
    5. a trace or indication
    6. a discharge of blood at the onset of labour
    7. US Austral NZ informal a chance; opportunity (esp in the phrases give someone a show, he's got no show of winning, etc)
    8. for showin order to attract attention
    9. run the showinformal to take charge of or manage an affair, business, etc
    10. steal the showto draw the most attention or admiration, esp unexpectedly
    11. stop the showinformal to be received with great enthusiasm

    See also show off, show upEtymology: Old English scēawian; related to Old High German scouwōn to look, Old Norse örskār careful, Greek thuoskoos seer

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