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sick1 /sɪk/USA pronunciation   adj.,  -er, -est, n. 
  1. Pathologyhaving ill health;
    not well:The sickest patients can't be moved from the hospital.
  2. Pathology inclined to or ready to vomit:[be + ~]Help him, he's going to be sick all over the carpet.
  3. deeply feeling some distressing emotion:[be + ~]was sick at heart.
  4. annoyed with, disgusted by, or tired of:[be + ~ + (and tired) of + object]She's sick and tired of your complaints.
  5. Psychiatrymentally, morally, or emotionally corrupt:These criminals are sick.
  6. cruel;
    sadistic:sick jokes.
  7. perverted;
    twisted:You and your sick mind!
  8. of or relating to sickness:[before a noun]sick benefits.

n. [plural;  used with a plural verb]
  1. the sick, sick people thought of as a group:The sick need emotional and physical care.
    sick is an adjective, sickly and sickening are adjectives, sickness is a noun, sicken is a verb:He's very sick and can't come to work. The starving child looks so sickly. The horror movie was sickening. He has a sickness we haven't diagnosed yet. That horror movie sickened me.

sick2 /sɪk/USA pronunciation   v.,  sicked, sick•ing. 
  1. sic.

-sick ,suffix. 
  1. -sick is used to form adjectives with the meanings "sick or ill of or from (the noun of the root)'':car + -sick → carsick (= sick from traveling in a car);air + -sick → airsick (= sick from flying in a plane).

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sick1  (sik),USA pronunciation adj.,  -er, -est, n. 
  1. afflicted with ill health or disease;
  2. affected with nausea;
    inclined to vomit.
  3. deeply affected with some unpleasant feeling, as of sorrow, disgust, or boredom:sick at heart; to be sick of parties.
  4. mentally, morally, or emotionally deranged, corrupt, or unsound:a sick mind; wild statements that made him seem sick.
  5. characteristic of a sick mind:sick fancies.
  6. dwelling on or obsessed with that which is gruesome, sadistic, ghoulish, or the like;
    morbid:a sick comedian; sick jokes.
  7. of, pertaining to, or for use during sickness:He applied for sick benefits.
  8. accompanied by or suggestive of sickness;
    sickly:a sick pallor; the sick smell of disinfectant in the corridors.
  9. disgusted;
  10. not in proper condition;
  11. [Agric.]
    • failing to sustain adequate harvests of some crop, usually specified:a wheat-sick soil.
    • containing harmful microorganisms:a sick field.
  12. [Now Rare.]menstruating.
  13. call in sick, to notify one's place of employment by telephone that one will be absent from work because of being ill.
  14. sick and tired, utterly weary;
    fed up:I'm sick and tired of working so hard!
  15. sick at one's stomach, [Chiefly Midland and Southern U.S.]nauseated.
  16. sick to one's stomach, [Chiefly Northern, North Midland, and Western U.S.]nauseated.

  1. (used with a plural v.) sick persons collectively (usually prec. by the).
  • bef. 900; Middle English sik, sek, Old English sēoc; cognate with Dutch ziek, German siech, Old Norse sjūkr, Gothic siuks
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged infirm, indisposed. See  ill. 
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged nauseous, nauseated.
    • 1.See corresponding entry in Unabridged well, hale, healthy.

sick2  (sik),USA pronunciation v.t. 
  1. sic1.

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sic1 or sick /sɪk/USA pronunciation   v.,  sicked or sicced (sikt), sick•ing or sic•cing. 
  1. to attack (used esp. in commanding a dog):[+ object]Sic 'em, Bruno!
  2. to urge or order (a person or animal) to attack:[+ object + on + object]He sicced his gang on the local store owners.

sic /sɪk/USA pronunciation   adv. [Latin.]
  1. Foreign Terms(used within brackets to show that a word or phrase has been written intentionally or has been quoted just as it was in the original, even though it looks odd or mistaken) like this;
    so:The poet signed his name as e. e. cummings [sic]. The sign read "Good English is speaking [sic] here.''

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sic1  (sik),USA pronunciation v.t.,  sicked  or sicced (sikt),USA pronunciation  sick•ing  or sic•cing. 
  1. to attack (used esp. in commanding a dog):Sic 'em!
  2. to incite to attack (usually fol. by on).
Also,  sick. 
  • variant of seek 1835–45

sic2  (sik),USA pronunciation adj. [Chiefly Scot.]
  1. Scottish Termssuch.
  • 1325–75; Middle English (north and Scots); see such

sic  (sēk; Eng. sik),USA pronunciation adv. [Latin.]
  1. Foreign Termsso;
    thus: usually written parenthetically to denote that a word, phrase, passage, etc., that may appear strange or incorrect has been written intentionally or has been quoted verbatim:He signed his name as e. e. cummings(sic).

SIC, [U.S. Govt.]
  1. Economics, GovernmentStandard Industrial Classification: a system used by the federal government to classify business activities for analytical and reporting purposes.

  1. Sicilian.
  2. Place NamesSicily.

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sick /sɪk/ adj
  1. inclined or likely to vomit
  2. suffering from ill health
  3. (as collective noun; preceded by the): the sick
  4. of, relating to, or used by people who are unwell: sick benefits
  5. (in combination): sickroom
  6. deeply affected with a mental or spiritual feeling akin to physical sickness: sick at heart
  7. mentally, psychologically, or spiritually disturbed
  8. informal delighting in or catering for the macabre or sadistic; morbid: sick humour
  9. Also: sick and tired (often followed by of) informal disgusted or weary, esp because satiated: I am sick of his everlasting laughter
  10. (often followed by for) weary with longing; pining: I am sick for my own country
  11. pallid or sickly
  12. not in working order
n , vb
  1. an informal word for vomit
Etymology: Old English sēoc; related to Old Norse skjūkr, Gothic siuks, Old High German sioh

ˈsickish adj
sick /sɪk/ vb
  1. a variant spelling of sic2

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