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skin /skɪn/USA pronunciation   n., v.,  skinned, skin•ning, adj. 
  1. Anatomy, Zoologythe tissue that is the outer covering of a human or animal body, esp. when it is soft and flexible: [uncountable]the smell of her clean skin after a shower.[countable]a fair skin that is easily sunburned.
  2. such tissue, with the hair or fur growing from it, stripped from the body of an animal, esp. a small animal;
    pelt: [countable]a beaver skin.[uncountable]a coat of beaver skin.
  3. Botanya covering, casing, or outer coating of something, esp. of a fruit or vegetable: [countable]orange skins; potato skins.[uncountable]the plastic-like skin of sausage.
  4. Slang Termsa solid layer forming on food that has cooled or been heated: [uncountable]The soup had boiled and there was skin on the top.[countable]a skin on the top of the milk mixture.
  5. [countable] a container made of animal skin, used for holding liquids, esp. wine.

v. [+ object]
  1. to strip (an animal or thing) of skin;
    remove the skin of:to skin the fruit.
  2. to scrape a small piece of skin from (a part of the body), as in falling:He skinned his knee when he fell.
  1. Idioms, Informal Termsby the skin of one's teeth, [uncountable] by an extremely narrow margin;
    just barely:won the election by the skin of her teeth.
  2. Idioms, Slang Termsget under one's skin: 
    • to irritate someone:All those rude comments really get under my skin.
    • to affect someone deeply;
  3. Idiomshave a thick skin, to be insensitive, esp. to criticism or defeats.
  4. Idiomshave a thin skin, to be sensitive to criticism or defeats;
    to be easily offended.
  5. Idioms, Slang Termsno skin off one's back, nose, or teeth, [usually: it + be + ~] of no interest or concern, or involving no risk to oneself:It's no skin off my nose if she wants to risk her money like that.
  6. Idioms, Informal Termssave one's skin, to avoid harm, esp. to escape death.
  7. Idioms, Informal Termsskin (someone) alive, [Informal.]
    • to punish harshly.

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skin  (skin),USA pronunciation n., v.,  skinned, skin•ning, adj. 
  1. Anatomy, Zoologythe external covering or integument of an animal body, esp. when soft and flexible.
  2. such an integument stripped from the body of an animal, esp. a small animal;
    pelt:a beaver skin.
  3. Clothingthe tanned or treated pelt or hide of an animal, esp. when used in apparel and accessories;
    leather (usually used in combination):pigskin; calfskin.
  4. Botanyany integumentary covering, casing, outer coating, or surface layer, as an investing membrane, the rind or peel of fruit, or a film on liquid:a skin of thin ice; the aluminum skin of an airplane.
  5. Jewelry
    • the outermost layer of a pearl.
    • the outermost layer of a diamond as found: often different in color and refraction from the inner part of the stone.
  6. Nautical, Naval Terms
    • the shell or ceiling of a hull.
    • the outer, exposed part of a furled sail.
  7. Metallurgyan outer layer of a metal piece having characteristics differing from those of the interior.
  8. a container made of animal skin, used for holding liquids, esp. wine.
  9. Slang Termscondom.
  10. Music, Slang Termsskins, [Slang.]drums.
  11. Slang Termsa swindler;
  12. Slang Termsa skinflint.
  13. Slang Termsa horse.
  14. Slang Termsa dollar bill.
  15. Rocketrythe outer surface of a missile or rocket.
  16. Informal Termsby the skin of one's teeth, by an extremely narrow margin;
    just barely;
    scarcely:We made the last train by the skin of our teeth.
  17. Slang Termsget under one's skin: 
    • to irritate;
      bother:His laugh really gets under my skin.
    • to affect deeply;
      penetrate:That sort of music always gets under my skin.
  18. have a thick skin, to be insensitive to criticism or rebuffs:The complaint desk is a job for someone who has a thick skin.
  19. have a thin skin, to be extremely sensitive to criticism or rebuffs;
    be easily offended:Be careful what you say to me, I have a thin skin.
  20. in or  with a whole skin, without harm;
    safely:She escaped from the burning building with a whole skin.
  21. Slang Termsno skin off one's back, nose, or  teeth, of no interest or concern or involving no risk to one.
  22. Informal Termssave one's skin, to avoid harm, esp. to escape death:They betrayed their country to save their skins.
  23. under the skin, in essence;
    despite appearances or differences:sisters under the skin.

  1. to strip or deprive of skin;
  2. to remove or strip off (any covering, outer coating, surface layer, etc.).
  3. to scrape or rub a small piece of skin from (one's hand, leg, etc.), as in falling or sliding against something:She skinned her knee.
  4. to urge on, drive, or whip (a draft animal, as a mule or ox).
  5. to climb or jump:He skinned the rope to the top of the wall.
  6. to cover with or as if with skin.
  7. Slang Termsto strip of money or belongings;
    fleece, as in gambling.
  8. Games[Cards.]to slide cards one at a time off the top of (the pack) in dealing.
  9. Slang Termsto defeat completely:skinned at the polls.
  10. Slang Termsto castigate;
    reprimand:skinned for his disobedience.

  1. Slang Termsto slip off or depart hurriedly (often followed by out).
  2. Informal Termsskin alive: 
    • to reprimand;
    • to subdue completely, esp. in a cruel or ruthless manner:The home team was skinned alive this afternoon.

    • Slang Termsshowing or featuring nude persons, often in a sexually explicit way:a skin magazine.
    • presenting films, stage shows, exhibitions, etc., that feature nude persons, esp. in a sexually explicit way:a Times Square skin house.
skinlike′, adj. 
  • Old Norse skinn; cognate with dialect, dialectal German Schinde skin of fruit
  • Middle English (noun, nominal) 1150–1200
    • 2.See corresponding entry in Unabridged fur.
      Skin, hide, pelt are names for the outer covering of animals, including humans.
      Skin is the general word:an abrasion of the skin; the skin of a muskrat.Hide applies to the skin of large animals, as cattle, horses, or elephants:a buffalo hide.Pelt applies to the untanned skin of smaller animals:a mink pelt.
    • 4.See corresponding entry in Unabridged hull, shell, husk, crust.

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skin /skɪn/ n
  1. the tissue forming the outer covering of the vertebrate body: it consists of two layers (the dermis and epidermis), the outermost of which may be covered with hair, scales, feathers, etc. It is mainly protective and sensory in function
  2. a person's complexion: a fair skin
  3. any similar covering in a plant or lower animal
  4. any coating or film, such as one that forms on the surface of a liquid
  5. the outer covering of a fur-bearing animal, dressed and finished with the hair on
  6. a container made from animal skin
  7. the outer covering surface of a vessel, rocket, etc
  8. a person's skin regarded as his life: to save one's skin
  9. (often plural) informal (in jazz or pop use) a drum
  10. informal
    short for skinhead
  11. by the skin of one's teethby a narrow margin; only just
  12. get under one's skininformal to irritate one
  13. no skin off one's noseinformal not a matter that affects one adversely
  14. skin and boneextremely thin
  15. thick skinan insensitive nature
  16. thin skina sensitive nature
vb (skins, skinning, skinned)
  1. (transitive) to remove the outer covering from (fruit, etc)
  2. (transitive) to scrape a small piece of skin from (a part of oneself) in falling, etc: he skinned his knee
  3. (often followed by over) to cover (something) with skin or a skinlike substance or (of something) to become covered in this way
  4. (transitive) slang to strip of money; swindle
  1. relating to or for the skin: skin cream
Etymology: Old English scinn, from Old Norse skinn

ˈskinless adj ˈskinˌlike adj

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