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slight /slaɪt/USA pronunciation adj., -er, -est,v., n. 

  • small in amount, degree, etc.:I heard a slight noise.
  • of little importance, influence, etc.; trivial:only a slight difference between what he says and what you say.
  • slender or slim;
    light in build:She was slight and had delicate features.
  • of little substance or strength.

  • v. [+ object]
  • to treat (someone) as if he or she were unimportant:didn't mean to slight the dinner guest.

  • n. [countable]
  • an instance of treating someone as unimportant:a deliberate slight.
  • slight•ed,adj.: I felt slighted that I was not invited to the party.
    slight•ly, adv.: slightly overweight.
    slight•ness, n. [uncountable]

    Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

    slightly /ˈslaɪtlɪ/ adv
    1. in small measure or degree

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