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slum /slʌm/USA pronunciation   n., v.,  slummed, slum•ming. 
n. [countable]
  1. a run-down or dirty part of a city:The mayor promised to clean up the slums.

v. [no object]
  1. Idiomsto visit or spend time in a place, esp. an amusement spot, considered low in social status:to go slumming.
slum•mer, n. [countable]

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slum  (slum),USA pronunciation n., v.,  slummed, slum•ming. 
  1. Often,  slums. a thickly populated, run-down, squalid part of a city, inhabited by poor people.
  2. any squalid, run-down place to live.

  1. to visit slums, esp. from curiosity.
  2. to visit or frequent a place, group, or amusement spot considered to be low in social status.
slummer, n. 
  • 1805–15; compare earlier argot slum room; origin, originally obscure

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slum /slʌm/ n
  1. a squalid overcrowded house, etc
  2. (often plural) a squalid section of a city, characterized by inferior living conditions and usually by overcrowding
  3. (modifier) of, relating to, or characteristic of slums: slum conditions
vb (slums, slumming, slummed)(intransitive)
  1. to visit slums, esp for curiosity
  2. Also: slum it to suffer conditions below those to which one is accustomed
Etymology: 19th Century: originally slang, of obscure origin

ˈslummy adj

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