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snob /snɑb/USA pronunciation n. [countable]
  1. one who tries to act like those higher in social rank or who admires such people too much and scorns others.
  2. one who believes himself or herself to have superior tastes and is scornful of those with different tastes:an intellectual snob.
snob•ber•y, snob•bish•ness, n. [uncountable]
snob•bish, adj. 
snob•by, adj., -bi•er, -bi•est.

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snob /snɒb/ n
  1. a person who strives to associate with those of higher social status and who behaves condescendingly to others
  2. (as modifier): snob appeal
  3. a person having similar pretensions with regard to his tastes, etc: an intellectual snob
Etymology: 18th Century (in the sense: shoemaker; hence, C19: a person who flatters those of higher station, etc): of unknown origin

ˈsnobbery n ˈsnobbish adj ˈsnobbishly adv

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