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sol-fa  (sōl′fä, sōlfä′),USA pronunciation n., v.,  -faed, -fa•ing. 
  1. Music and Dancethe set of syllables, do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and ti, sung to the respective tones of the scale. All but do and ti are attributed to Guido d'Arezzo.
  2. Music and Dancethe system of singing tones to these syllables.

  1. Music and Danceto use the sol-fa syllables in singing, or to sing these syllables.

  1. Music and Danceto sing to the sol-fa syllables, as a tune.
sol′-faist, n. 
  • 1560–70; sol1 + fa; see gamut

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sol-fa /ˈsɒlˈfɑː/ n
  1. short for tonic sol-fa
vb ( -fas, -faing, -faed)
  1. US to use tonic sol-fa syllables in singing (a tune)
Etymology: 16th Century: see gamut

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