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WordReference Random House Learner's Dictionary of American English © 2016
sor•ry /ˈsɑri, ˈsɔri/USA pronunciation   adj., -ri•er, -ri•est. 
  1. [be + ~] feeling regret, sadness, pity, etc.: [+ to + verb ( + object)]We are sorry to leave our friends.[+ (that) clause]We are sorry (that) we have to leave.[+ for + object]He felt sorry for her (= He pitied her).
  2. in such bad condition as to be regrettable; causing pity[before a noun]This family is in a sorry situation.
  3. (used to apologize):Did I bump into you? Sorry.
  4. (used to ask someone who has spoken to repeat what was said):"Sorry, I didn't hear what you said.''
sor•ri•ly /ˈsɑrəli, ˈsɔr-/USA pronunciation  adv.: We limped sorrily home after our big loss.
sor•ri•ness, n. [uncountable]

WordReference Random House Unabridged Dictionary of American English © 2016
sor•ry  (sorē, sôrē), 
adj., -ri•er, -ri•est. 
  1. feeling regret, compunction, sympathy, pity, etc.:to be sorry to leave one's friends; to be sorry for a remark;
    to be sorry for someone in trouble.
  2. regrettable or deplorable;
    tragic:a sorry situation; to come to a sorry end.
  3. sorrowful, grieved, or sad:Was she sorry when her brother died?
  4. associated with sorrow; suggestive of grief or suffering;
  5. wretched, poor, useless, or pitiful:a sorry horse.
  6. (used interjectionally as a conventional apology or expression of regret):Sorry, you're misinformed. Did I bump you? Sorry.
Etymology:bef. 900;
Middle English;
Old English sārig;
cognate with Low German sērig, Old High German sērag. See sore, -y1
sorri•ly, adv. 
sorri•ness, n. 
1 . regretful, sympathetic, pitying. 3 . unhappy, depressed, sorrowing. 4 . grievous, mournful, painful. 5 . abject, contemptible, paltry, worthless, shabby. See wretched.  1 . happy.

Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

sorry /ˈsɒrɪ/ adj ( -rier, -riest)
  1. (usually postpositive) often followed by for: feeling or expressing pity, sympathy, remorse, grief, or regret: I feel sorry for him
  2. pitiful, wretched, or deplorable: a sorry sight
  3. poor; paltry: a sorry excuse
  4. affected by sorrow; sad
  5. causing sorrow or sadness
  1. an exclamation expressing apology, used esp at the time of the misdemeanour, offence, etc
Etymology: Old English sārig; related to Old High German sērag; see sore

ˈsorrily adv ˈsorriness n

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