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Collins Concise English Dictionary © HarperCollins Publishers::

speaking /ˈspiːkɪŋ/ adj
  1. (prenominal) eloquent, impressive, or striking
  2. able to speak
  3. (in combination) able to speak a particular language: French-speaking

speak /spiːk/ vb (speaks, speaking, spoke, spoken)
  1. to make (verbal utterances); utter (words)
  2. to communicate or express (something) in or as if in words
  3. (intransitive) to deliver a speech, discourse, etc
  4. (transitive) to know how to talk in (a language or dialect): he does not speak German
  5. (intransitive) to make a characteristic sound: the clock spoke
  6. (intransitive) (of dogs, esp hounds used in hunting) to give tongue; bark
  7. (transitive) to hail and converse or communicate with (another vessel) at sea
  8. (intransitive) (of a musical instrument) to produce a sound
  9. on speaking termson good terms; friendly
  10. so to speakin a manner of speaking; as it were
  11. speak one's mindto express one's opinions frankly and plainly
  12. to speak ofof a significant or worthwhile nature: we have had no support to speak of

See also speak for, speak out, speak to, speak upEtymology: Old English specan; related to Old High German spehhan, Middle High German spechten to gossip, Middle Dutch speken; see speech

ˈspeakable adj

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