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spile1  (spīl),USA pronunciation n., v.,  spiled, spil•ing. 
  1. a peg or plug of wood, esp. one used as a spigot.
  2. a spout for conducting sap from the sugar maple.
  3. Buildinga heavy wooden stake or pile.
  4. Miningforepole.

  1. to stop up (a hole) with a spile or peg.
  2. to furnish with a spigot or spout, as for drawing off a liquid.
  3. to tap by means of a spile.
  4. to furnish, strengthen, or support with spiles or piles.
  • Middle Dutch or Middle Low German spile splinter, peg; cognate with German Speil
  • 1505–15

spile2  (spīl),USA pronunciation v.t., v.i.,  spiled, spil•ing, n. [Dial.]
  1. Dialect Termsspoil.

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spile /spaɪl/ n
  1. a heavy timber stake or pile
  2. US Canadian a spout for tapping sap from the sugar maple tree
  3. a plug or spigot
vb (transitive)
  1. to provide or support with a spile
  2. US to tap (a tree) with a spile
Etymology: 16th Century: probably from Middle Dutch spile peg; related to Icelandic spila skewer, Latin spīna thorn

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