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steady /ˈstɛdɪ/ adj (steadier, steadiest)
  1. not able to be moved or disturbed easily; stable
  2. free from fluctuation
  3. not easily excited; imperturbable
  4. staid; sober
  5. regular; habitual: a steady drinker
  6. continuous: a steady flow
  7. (of a vessel) keeping upright, as in heavy seas
vb (steadies, steadying, steadied)
  1. to make or become steady
  1. in a steady manner
  2. go steadyinformal to date one person regularly
n ( pl steadies)
  1. informal one's regular boyfriend or girlfriend
  1. an order to the helmsman to stay on a steady course
  2. a warning to keep calm, be careful, etc
  3. Brit a command to get set to start, as in a race: ready, steady, go!
Etymology: 16th Century: from stead + -y1; related to Old High German stātīg, Middle Dutch stēdig

ˈsteadily adv ˈsteadiness n

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